PETA Plans Turkey Memorial in Iowa

For 500 dead birds

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PETA wants to honor 500 dead turkeys with a 10-foot memorial in Iowa.     Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) wants to commemorate 500 dead turkeys with a massive memorial, but first it needs permission from Iowa transportation officials.

PETA member Alex Moore outlined his plan Tuesday to erect a 10-foot tombstone in honor of the birds, which were killed April 12 when the truck moving the animals overturned.

The memorial would stay up for a month and encourage people to adopt a meat-free diet as well as drive safely.

"In the past, we've applied in California, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Oregon, Virginia, and Wisconsin to memorialize hundreds of animals who have died in similar crashes, but so far, we haven't been accepted," PETA spokeswoman Sophia Charchuk wrote in an email to the Quad City Times. "We are hopeful that this time, the Iowa Department of Transportation will agree with us that our memorial will help save many lives by reminding drivers of their responsibility to the thousands of animals they are hauling to their deaths each day as well as to other motorists."