May 11, 2012
Pit bull

Pit bull     Photo: maplegirlie/Flickr

Dog Saves Owner From Oncoming Train

Pit bull loses leg in rescue

A pit bull pulled her unconscious owner from the path of an oncoming train last week in Shirley, Massachusetts, and lost a leg when the train struck her instead. Christine Spain had collapsed onto the tracks during a late-night walk with her dog, Lilly. As the train approached, officials believe that Lilly dragged Spain out of its path. Lilly's right front leg was later amputated at a nearby animal hospital. "My hope is that this story is going to get out and show what pit bulls are truly about," Spain's son and Boston police officer David Lanteigne said. Spain was arrested and put into protective custody after the accident but has since been released.

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Mt. Fuji

Mt. Fuji     Photo: joka2000/Flickr

Fault Line Found Under Mt. Fuji

Quake could collapse part of peak

A giant fault line located under Mount Fuji could cause parts of the iconic peak to collapse if it shifts, according to a report issued by the Japanese government on Thursday. Research from a team of scientists at the University of Tokyo indicated that the previously unknown fault line is capable, in theory, of releasing a magnitude seven earthquake and has shifted in the past 100 years. A large quake could cause mudslides to flow as far as Gotemba, a city on the Pacific side of the mountain.

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Horst Faas

Horst Faas     Photo: le dieu/Flickr

Photographer Horst Faas Dies

Pulitzer Prize-winner covered Vietnam War

Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer and Associated Press editor Horst Faas died in Munich on Thursday at age 79. Faas was best known for his images from the Vietnam War, where he was severely wounded in by a rocket-propelled grenade in 1967. He used a wheelchair the rest of his life, but continued to recruit and mentor new freelancers, creating a team of war photographers who became known as "Horst's army." That group included Vietnamese freelancer Huynh Cong Ut, who became known for a striking 1972 photograph of a Vietnamese girl fleeing a napalm attack. "Horst Faas was a giant in the world of photojournalism whose extraordinary commitment to telling difficult stories was unique and remarkable," said AP vice president and director of photography Santiago Lyon.

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Red Cross

Red Cross     Photo: Dell Inc./Flickr

Red Cross Pauses in Pakistan

Worker's death prompts suspension

The Red Cross suspended its work in most of Pakistan yesterday following the murder of a health program manager. Khalil Rasjed Dale was abducted on his way home from work in January and later murdered when the Red Cross failed to pay a ransom, according to a note found with the body late last month. The suspension covers three of Pakistan's four provinces and is indefinite, pending a risk assessment review of the Red Cross' operations in the area. The Pakistan Humanitarian Forum said Dale's killing was only one of many targeted attacks in the country against humanitarian agencies.

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