May 22, 2012
Rocket launch

Rocket launch     Photo: NASA Goddard Photo and Video/Flickr

Private Rocket Heads to Space Station

First non-gov craft to dock with ISS

On Tuesday, SpaceX launched a private, unmanned space capsule from Cape Canaveral, Florida, to dock with the International Space Station, the first non-governmental spacecraft ever to do so. The capsule, called Dragon, was loaded with 1,014 pounds of food and supplies for the Space Station crew, who are orbiting 249 miles above the North Atlantic Ocean, according to NASA officials. The Dragon capsule is ultimately designed for manned flights in an effort to shift space exploration to the private sector. "I think this is an example of American entrepreneurship at its best," Alan Lindenmoyer, manager of NASA's commercial crew and cargo program, said. The capsule is also carrying ashes of 308 people, including actor James Doohan, who played Scotty on Star Trek.

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Alex Honnold on El Capitan

Alex Honnold on El Capitan     Photo: Tom Evans/El Cap Reports

Honnold, Caldwell Free-Climb Triple Crown

Seven thousand feet in 21 hours

Alex Honnold and Tommy Caldwell became the first people to free climb Yosemite's El Capitan, Half Dome, and Mt. Watkins in a single day, a challenge known to rock climbers as the Triple Crown. The pair set out up Mt. Watkin's South Face route at 4:45 p.m. on Friday and climbed through the night, summitting Half Dome's Regular Northwest Face at 2 p.m. on Saturday. The linkup, first climbed by Dean Potter and Timmy O'Neill in 2001, includes nearly 7,000 vertical feet of climbing and several hours of hiking.

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    Photo: GlaxoSmithKline

Concern Over Low-Quality Malaria Drugs

Drug-resistant strains more common

Sub-standard and fake malaria drugs are threatening to undo gains made in the fight against the disease, according to a new study published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases on Monday. Scientists from the National Institutes of Health found that 36 percent of anti-malarial drugs analyzed in Southeast Asia were fake, while a third of drugs in sub-Saharan Africa contained either too much or not enough of the active ingredient. The researchers warn that the counterfeit drugs are contributing to a rise in drug-resistant malaria strains. More than three billion people worldwide are at risk from the mosquito-borne disease, which kills around 650,000 people a year.

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Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls     Photo: Kevin Timothy/Flickr

Man Survives Fall Over Niagara

Witnesses say jump likely deliberate

A man dropped 180 feet over Niagara Falls on Monday, becoming one of only four people to survive an unprotected tumble over the falls. Witnesses report that the man may have deliberately climbed over a retaining wall and jumped into the water. The man has not been identified but appeared to be in his 30s or 40s. He was rescued on the Canadian side of the river and treated for hypothermia, broken ribs, a collapsed lung, and several gashes. The last person to survive the falls was a 30-year-old man in 2009.

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