October 12, 2012

    Photo: Richard Kelland/Flickr

Rangers Rescue Stranded Hikers In Zion

Couple had to be airlifted by helicopter

Rangers in Zion National Park have rescued two hikers who became stranded in the lower reaches of Heaps Canyon after underestimating the difficulty of one of park’s more challenging canyoneering routes. The unidentified couple, a 26-year-old woman and a 41-year-old man, began their hike on Saturday, believing they could complete the course in one day. Their chosen route was about 11 miles long and involved swimming through cold water and a 300-foot free hanging rappel, among other obstacles. Rangers realized that the couple was overdue when they saw their car still parked at the trailhead on Monday. They were rescued by helicopter on Tuesday after completing roughly two-thirds of the hike. "The group also had far less experience than most Heap's Canyon travelers. While canyon hiking (canyoneering) in Zion can be a challenging and rewarding activity, it is not one that should be entered into lightly," park officials said in a statement.



Tim DeChristopher

Tim DeChristopher in April, 2011, in D.C.     Photo: Linh Do/Flickr

Tim DeChristopher to Leave Prison

Bidder 70 headed to halfway house

Convicted climate activist Tim DeChristopher will finish out the last six months of his sentence in a Salt Lake City halfway house. He is scheduled for release on October 24. DeChristopher, who was sentenced to two years in federal prison for violating the onshore oil and gas development leasing act, is "excited to be getting out of prison," his attorney, Pat Shea, told Deseret News. During the day, DeChristopher will work at a job in the First Unitarian Church, and may apply to Harvard Divinity School to become a minister, Shea said. In 2008, DeChristopher posed as a bidder to disrupt a Bureau of Land Management auction of oil and gas leases. He ended up winning $1.8 million in land parcels, and was arrested after admitting he had no intention of paying for them. In September, DeChristopher announced he would drop his appeals of the sentence, saying in a statement that it was a "predetermined conclusion that I should be punished for standing up to the collusion between government and corporations."

Via Deseret News


Kristen Armstrong hugs U.S. Postal team director Johan Bruyneel after Lance Armstrong's victory.

Kristen Armstrong hugs U.S. Postal team director Johan Bruyneel after Lance Armstrong's victory.     Photo: Beth Schneider

RadioShack Cuts Ties With Bruyneel

U.S. Postal team director named in USADA report

The RadioShack-Nissan team has announced that it severed ties with Lance Armstrong's former manager Johan Bruyneel on Friday, two days after the release of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency's extensive report on an organized doping program within the U.S. Postal team. The team said the decision was reached by mutual agreement. "His departure is desirable to ensure the serenity and cohesiveness within the team," RadioShack said in a statement. The USADA report painted Bruyneel as the pied piper of the doping program. "[He] learned how to introduce young men to performance-enhancing drugs, becoming adept at leading them down the path from newly minted professional rider to veteran drug user," USADA said. RadioShack team leader Frank Schleck tested positive for a banned substance at this year's Tour, and was subsequently pulled from the race.



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Norway Doubles Carbon Tax on Oil

Will support a $1.75 billion renewable energy fund

Norway will nearly double its carbon tax on oil companies, a new budget plan revealed on Monday. They plan to raise the carbon tax on the offshore petroleum industry by about $35 per ton in 2013. That would bring the tax up to around $72 per carbon-dioxide ton. The tax will support a new $1.75 billion fund to promote renewable energy and cuts in greenhouse gasses. The fund will also be used to assist developing nations to protect tropical rainforests. Norway has set a goal of reducing greenhouse emissions to 30 percent below its 1990 levels by 2020.

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