July 4, 2012

Svetlana Klyuka chases down Maria Mutola     Photo: MR FOOJI/Flickr

Russian Olympic Runners Banned for Doping

Trio's guilt "proven beyond doubt"

Three of Russia's top female runners will miss the London Olympics after the International Association of Athletics Federations found them guilty of doping. In a statement released Tuesday, the anti-doping arm of the IAAF announced that Evgeniya Zinurova, Nailya Yulamanova, and Svetlana Klyuka were found to have "abnormal indexes in their biometric passports," an indication of having tampered with their urine samples. Yulamanova will be stripped of her 2010 European marathon gold medal, while Zinurova will lose her 2011 European 800-meter title. All three are now ineligible to compete in London in three weeks. "It's a huge loss for our team but their guilt has been proven beyond doubt," Russian athletics chief Valentin Balakhnickyov said.

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Fracking Facility

Fracking Facility     Photo: K A/Google

Lawmaker Mistakenly Legalizes Fracking

North Carolina Dem pushed wrong button

A North Carolina state representative accidentally legalized fracking after pressing the wrong button during a deciding vote on Monday. Democrat Becky Carney had been vigorously lobbying fellow lawmakers to vote "no" on a controversial override that would lift the state's ban on hydraulic fracking. The override passed with exactly the 72 votes it needed. The five-term lawmaker blamed her mistaken button push on fatigue from the late-night session. "I feel rotten, and I feel tired," Carney said. North Carolina House rules bar representatives from changing their vote if the switch would affect the bill's passage.

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Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart     Photo: National Archive/Flickr

Mission Begins to Find Earhart's Plane

Searching near the Pacific nation of Kiribati

On the 75th anniversary of Amelia Earhart’s disappearance, a team of scientists, historians and salvagers has embarked on a month-long expedition to find out what happened to the famous aviator over the South Pacific. Encouraged by the U.S. State Department, the team started searching for wreckage of Earhart’s plane near the Pacific nation of Kiribati Tuesday. They believe Earhart survived the crash and that they can locate the wreckage with sophisticated underwater equipment. "Everything has pointed to the airplane having gone over the edge of that reef in a particular spot and the wreckage ought to be right down there," said Ric Gillespie, the founder and executive director of salvage company The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery. A different group with another theory behind the crash has plans for an expedition in 2013.

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