June 22, 2012

    Photo: Steve A. Johnson/Flickr

Sinkhole Swallows Florida Home

Property condemned by city

A 79-year-old Florida woman returned from running an errand to find a giant sinkhole had opened up underneath her property and collapsed half of her house on Wednesday afternoon. As of Thursday, the hole had swallowed Susan Minutillo's back bedroom and bathroom, and measured 20 by 40 feet. City officials in Hudson, near Tampa Bay, condemned the property, and have told Minutillo's neighbors to evacuate.

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    Photo: Charles McCain/Flickr

Refugee Boat Capsizes Near Indonesia

109 rescued, 90 still missing

A boat carrying 206 people seeking asylum in Australia capsized in rough seas south of Indonesia on Thursday. The boat's crew radioed a distress call to Australian rescuers late Tuesday but gave no location. Australian authorities advised them to return and notified Indonesian authorities, but a surveillance plane found the boat capsized halfway between Java and the Australian territory Christmas Island on Thursday afternoon. Forty men clung to the boat's hull while others drifted with flotsam several miles away. Australian ships rescued 109 survivors. Rescuers sought the 90 still-missing men on Friday but found only bodies amid the seven-foot swells.

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    Photo: brewbooks/Flickr

Ranger Dies in Rainier Fall

Tumbles 3,700 feet while helping climber

A National Park Service climbing ranger fell to his death on Mount Rainier Thursday as he helped rescue a party of climbers on the peak. Nick Hall, 34, was preparing four injured climbers for evacuation by helicopter when he slipped, tumbling 3,700 feet down the side of the mountain. Three of the four climbers were later extracted by helicopters from Joint Base Lewis-McChord, while the fourth spent the night on the mountain with two rangers.

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