October 4, 2011
Marcic and Strazar in front of K7 West.

Marcic and Strazar in front of K7 West.     Photo: Charakusa Expedition 2011

Slovenians Establish New Route up K7

Four-day climb nets men 21,703-foot peak

A Slovenian team has completed the second route up Pakistan's 21,703-foot K7 West. In their first-ever expedition to the Himalaya, Luka Strazar, 22, and Nejc Marcic, 26, climbed over four days in early September. The only other route to the top of K7 West was established by Americans Steve House and Vince Anderson and Slovenian Mark Prezelj in 2007. Marcic and Strazar are calling the new route Dreamers of Golden Caves.

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Roz Savage

Roz Savage arrives at the Waikiki Yacht Club, 2008     Photo: Burt Lum/Flickr

Roz Savage Completes Indian Ocean Row

Woman rows 4,000 miles to Mauritius

Roz Savage, the British open-ocean rower, finished a 4,000-mile, five-month journey across the Indian Ocean when she arrived in Mauritius on Tuesday. She is the first woman to row across the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans. Savage, 43, has rowed more than 15,000 miles in her 23-foot-long boat. On Saturday, she announced her retirement from rowing.

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Sea Lions in San Francisco

Sea Lions in San Francisco     Photo: Wildcat Dunny/Flickr

Injured Sea Lion Stops Traffic in SF

With gunshot wound, lion crosses freeway

A sea lion that stopped traffic on Highway 101 in Burlingame, California on Saturday morning may have been disoriented because of a gunshot wound to the head. Animal control officers corralled the lion and brought it to Sausalito's Marine Mammal Center, where veterinarians discovered a wound in the animal's jaw. Conflicts between sea lions and fisherman are common in San Francisco Bay: last year, the Marine Mammal center treated nine sea lions with gunshot wounds.

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Hawaii     Photo: dingadinga/Flickr

Hawaii Makes Surfing Official HS Sport

Sanctioned events could begin in '13

The Hawaii Board of Education is expected to finalize a decision making Hawaii the nation's first state to allow surfing as an official high-school sport. Competitions will be judged like professional events but will also include team scores. The board hopes to fund the new programs through private donations.

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South Pole

South Pole     Photo: eliduke

Aussies Begin Unassisted South Pole Trek

Men will cover 1400 miles in 3 months

Justin Jones and James Castrission flew out of Sydney, Australia on Monday to begin a record-breaking, unassisted trek from the Antarctic coast to the South Pole. The pair will cover 1400 miles and expect to lose between 40 and 70 pounds each. "[It's] so cold that your breath freezes in front of your face, you get ice forming in your sleeping bag, it's intensely cold," Jones said. Nobody has ever trekked from Antarctica's coast to the South Pole without assistance.

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