June 19, 2012
Mont Blanc Massif

Mont Blanc Massif     Photo: geographyalltheway.com/ Flickr

Stephane Brosse Dies in Mont Blanc Fall

Ski mountaineer won world championships

Noted French ski mountaineer Stephane Brosse died on the Aiguille d'Argentiere in the Alps this week after a cornice broke under him, causing him to fall about 2,000 feet. Brosse, 40, was attempting a traverse of the Mont Blanc massif with Kilian Jornet, Bastien Fleury, and filmmaker Sebastien Montaz-Rosset. Among other achievements, Brosse held the speed record for the fastest traverse of the Haute Route and won three world titles at the World Championships of Ski Mountaineering.

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    Photo: Flickr

Injured Camper Torches Norway Island

Signal fire becomes wildfire

A Canadian man who was stranded with a broken foot while camping on a remote Norwegian island built a signal fire that engulfed the island on Thursday. The 25-year-old unidentified tourist broke his foot in a fall hiking alone on Hillesoy, a rugged island of just 800 people with no cell service. “He lay there for three days waiting to be discovered, but on the third day ... he realized he had to do something himself," Joran Bugge, the officer who led the rescue operation, said. The man produced smoke signals for rescue, but the fire torched his tent and spread out of control. Twenty firefighters and two military helicopters subdued the flames by evening. Police will not take action against the man for starting the illegal fire.

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Cyclist, San Francisco

Cyclist, San Francisco     Photo: mary jane watson/Flickr

Strava Sued Over Berkeley Cycling Death

Family says site encourages speeding

The family of a California man who died two years ago in a Berkeley cycling accident is suing the social training website Strava, claiming the site's time-comparing features encouraged him to speed. William Flint, a 41-year-old Oakland engineer, was riding at least 10 miles over the speed limit down a road in Tilden Park when he attempted to avoid a car and lost control of his bicycle. Flint's family alleges that he was attempting to recapture his Strava title of "King of the Mountain" for that section of road. The San Francisco-based company allows cyclists to compete for spots on its leaderboard by sharing GPS-based speed data. Last week, a San Francisco cyclist was charged with felony manslaughter after running down a pedestrian in a crosswalk in an alleged attempt to beat a Strava record.

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    Photo: markbyzewski/Flickr

CO Billionaire Conserves 90,000 Acres

Country's largest single easement

A Colorado billionaire has pledged 90,000 acres for a proposed conservation area in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, the largest single conservation easement ever received by the federal government. New York-based hedge-fund manager Louis Bacon announced Friday that he would protect about half of his 172,000-acre Trinchera Ranch from development in order to provide a migration corridor for local bison, cougars, bears, sheep, elk, and deer. The property, located in Colorado and New Mexico, borders Great Sand Dunes National Park and includes three peaks higher than 14,000 feet. Bought from the Forbes family for $175 million in 2007, the ranch was, at the time, the most expensive single property ever sold in the United States.

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Miami, Florida

Miami, Florida     Photo: cuatrok77/Flickr

Teen Survives 3' Fishing Spear in Brain

Florida boy recovering in Miami hospital

A Florida teen who was accidentally shot through the brain with a three-foot spear while fishing was moved out of the intensive care unit of a Miami hospital yesterday and is expected to make a full recovery. Sixteen-year-old Yassar Lopez was spear-fishing with a friend on June 7 when the spear gun they were using accidentally deployed. The spear entered his forehead and went through his brain, stopping before penetrating the skin at the back of his head. Doctors had to cut the protruding spear with a rebar cutter in order for Lopez to fit in the CT scanner. Doctors say he is now able to sit up and speak and is likely to suffer only minor mobility issues on his left side.

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