December 6, 2011
Coors Light

Coors Light     Photo: KlausNahr/flickr

Stranded Man Survives on Coors Light

Alaskan spent 3 days eating frozen beer

On Thursday, a man from Nome, Alaska was rescued 40 miles outside of town after having spent three days trapped in his truck in -17 degree temperatures. Clifton Vial, 52, had gone for a joy ride in his Toyota Tacoma when it got stuck in a snowdrift. Out of cellphone range and unable to free the vehicle, Vial attempted to sustain himself with the only provisions he had: a few cans of frozen Coors Light, which he cut open and ate "like beans." By the time rescue crews found him, Vail had lost 16 pounds.

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Amazon River

Amazon River     Photo: PearlyV/Flickr

Brazil Deforestation Drops to Record Low

Senate to take up forestry reforms

Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon has fallen to its lowest level in 23 years, the Brazilian government said on Monday. According to the National Institute of Space Research, the Amazon lost 6,238 square kilometers between August 2010 and July 2011, a drop of 11% from the year before. Brazil's senate is set to make changes to the country's forest code today, however, that would reduce the protected portion of the Amazon. Conflicting data released earlier this year suggested that deforestation had risen almost sixfold from the year before.



Monique van der Vorst

Monique van der Vorst     Photo: Fabiana/Flickr

Paralympic Cyclist Seeks Olympics

Netherlands racer has regained use of legs

A Dutch paralympic cyclist regained the use of her legs after a collision with another cyclist last year and has now signed with professional cycling team Rabobank. Monique van der Vorst, who won two silver medals for the Netherlands in the 2010 Paralympic Games, had been confined to a wheelchair and a hand-pedaled bicycle since she was paralyzed after complications from ankle surgery. Now on two wheels, her goal is to compete in the 2016 Olympics.

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Corsica     Photo: Fabrice Terrasson/Flickr

'13 Tour de France Will Begin on Corsica

Race to visit Med. island for first time

The 2013 Tour de France will open with three stages on the island of Corsica, tour organizers announced Tuesday, in what will be the race's first-ever visit to the island. Riders will begin with a flat first stage, then cross mountains on stages two and three. The tour has traveled through each of France's mainland departments since it launched in 1903. The island start is intended to commemorate the race's 100th edition.

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