July 16, 2012
Bradley Wiggins at the 2010 Tour of Britian

Bradley Wiggins at the 2010 Tour of Britian     Photo: taimages/Flickr

Tacks at Tour de France Lead to 30 Flats

Kiserlovski crashes out

French police are investigating the source of upholstery tacks that led to nearly 30 flats in the Tour de France on Sunday. The tacks were strewn about the crest of the final day’s climb and caused chaos in the field as defending Tour champion Cadel Evans punctured three times and Robert Kiserlovski crashed out with a broken collarbone. Tour leader Bradley Wiggins went to the front shortly after the carnage began and instructed the field to wait for Evans and a host of other dropped riders before flatting himself. Despite an attack by Pierre Rolland that was reeled in, there were no flat-caused changes in the overall classification at the end of the stage. Riders and managers were unsure of what led to the incident, but were uniformly incensed after the stage. “That doesn’t stand up to me. That smacks of cowardice,” said Sky manager Dave Brailsford at the team bus. “If people want to speak their mind, that’s fine. But why put people’s lives at risk?”

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    Photo: hermanusbackpackers/Flickr

Great White Bites Aussie Surfer in Half

Shark's protected status in question

Australian officials are calling for a review of the great white shark's protected species status after a surfer on the western coast was attacked and killed on Saturday, the region's fifth great-white fatality in 10 months. Benjamin Linden, 24, was bitten in half while surfing off of Wedge Island, just north of Perth. A jet-ski rider who attempted to retrieve Linden's body says the shark then attempted to knock him off his PWC. The shark, nicknamed “Brutus” by local surfers, is believed to be up to 16 feet long. “I wonder if research might tell us that there are now much greater number of great whites than ever before,” said Western Australia Fisheries Minister Norman Moore, “and maybe we should look at whether they should remain a protected species.” Historically, there have been about 15 shark attacks per year in Australia, with just one being fatal.

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    Photo: activefree/Flickr

Lost Hiker Survives 3 Weeks in Utah Desert

Ate frogs and roots to stay alive

A hiker who spent three weeks lost in Utah's Escalante Desert is in stable condition after rescue crews found him surviving on a diet of frogs and roots. William Martin LaFever, who is autistic, had planned to hike 90 miles from Boulder, Utah, to Page, Arizona. LaFever was last heard from on June 6, when he called his family to say that his camping gear had been stolen. His father told him to catch a ride to Page, where he would wire him money. LaFever decided, instead, to walk along the Escalante River until he reached Page. Rescue crews, who found LaFever 40 miles from Boulder, said he was so weak that he had taken to sleeping on the river bank and rolling himself into the river during the day to keep cool. "In all my career I have never seen someone so emaciated. I could not believe that he was alive, and feel certain that in another 24 hours he would not have been alive,” Garfield County Sheriff’s Deputy Ray Gardner said in a statement.

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Libyan authorities have struggled to enforce the peace     Photo: B.R.Q/Flickr

Libyan Olympic President Abducted

Was shortly due to leave for London

Gunmen abducted the president of Libya’s Olympic Committee in Tripoli on Sunday, just days before the committee was due to leave for London. Ahmed Nabil al-Taher al-Alam was driving through the city center when gunmen stopped his car, shoved him into a waiting vehicle, and sped off. Since the abduction, there has been no contact with the captors. Al-Alam was formerly the head of the Libyan Football Associated under Qaddafi and a known friend of his son, Mohammed. The International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge has expressed his concern over the abduction and extended an offer to help in any way possible. Five Libyan athletes have qualified to compete at the London Games.

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