July 4, 2013

    Photo: Charles McCain/Flickr

Text Received from Lost Ship

Missing since early June

A missing American schooner with seven people aboard sent an undelivered text message a month ago. Authorities released the message after seeking it from the satellite phone company Iridium and the U.S. State Department. 

The June 4 message with a misspelling read: "Thanks storm sails shredded last night, now bare poles. Goining 4kt 310deg will update course info (at) 6PM".

Officials believe the ship likely sank in strong storms, but have continued their search for survivors, hoping the crew may have made it to the life raft or to land. The classic wooden sailboat was New Zealand bound after leaving from Australia when it went missing. 

"While it shows that Nina had survived the storm up to that point, very poor weather continued in the area for many hours and has been followed by other storms," Nigel Clifford, Maritime New Zealand's general manager of safety and response services, said in a statement.


    Photo: Denver Post

Randy Udall Found Dead

Body recovered in Wyoming

Randy Udall, the brother of Colorado senator Mark Udall who was missing since last week, was found dead in Wyoming’s Wind River Range late Wednesday night. Rescuers had been looking for Udall since he failed to return from a solo hike on June 28th. Udall was reportedly heading for the scenic Titcomb Basin when he died.

A statement has been released by the senator’s office stating that while an autopsy has yet to be conducted, it appears Randy Udall died of natural causes. “Randy left this earth doing what he loved most: hiking in his most favorite mountain range in the world,” the statement said.

Udall was an active environmentalist and clean energy advocate. He also helped found the nonprofit, Community Office for Resource Energy Efficiency.


Mark Cavendish

Mark Cavendish     Photo: Kei-ai/Flickr

Spoiler: Crashes and a Dramatic Sprint Finish at the Tour

Cavendish fights his way into contention

Andre Greipel sprinted to a dramatic win in the sixth stage of the Tour de France in the wake of a hectic day five filled with crashes and abandons. Peter Sagan placed second in the sprint, retaining his lead in the green jersey competition, with Mark Cavendish placing a solid fourth after furiously chasing back through the caravan to recover from a crash with a little over 20 kilometers to go. 

Before the start of the stage, pre-race dark horse Jurgen van den Broeck withdrew from the race with an injured knee, victim of a dangerous and crash-filled stage 5. Also injured in the stage 5 chaos were American Christian Vande Velde and sprinter Nacer Bouhanni, who withdrew from the race with a fractured left distal radius. 

"Christian has plates in his collarbone from previous injuries," Garmin Team Doctor Prentice Steffen said. "After today's crash, an ultrasound and x-ray show a blood clot in a neck muscle (left sternocleidomastoid) and a loosened screw in his clavicle plate. From what we can tell, it is possible that the screw may have jabbed a muscle."

Race favorite Ryder Hesjedal was also listed on the medical communique, listed as suffering from a fracture to his left rib, but team manager Jonathan Vaughters jumped in on Twitter to reveal Hesjedal had been injured during stage 1, not stage 5, and would continue to race. 


    Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Pig in Sweatpants Rescued From Car

Found overheating in Seattle

Seattle animal control officials are investigating the case of a man who left a small dog and a pot-bellied pig wearing sweatpants to overheat in a car.

According to police, a bystander saw the odd couple suffering and called 911. Authorities arrived to find the animals panting and lethargic. They also found empty food and water bowls, errant feces, along with the keys in the ignition and the doors unlocked.

Officers gave the animals water and were able to locate the car’s owner in a bar down the street. The man allegedly became agitated and demanded that he be shown the errant feces in the car. Officers were happy to oblige. The case has since been turned over to animal control.

It remains unclear why the pig was in sweatpants.