May 15, 2012
A grizzly bear

A grizzly bear     Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Yellowstone Has Most Dangerous Bears

Grizzlies habituated to human food

A new report from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service indicates that Yellowstone's grizzly bears are more dangerous than those in Glacier National Park, despite Glacier's larger bear population. In 2011, 17 Glacier grizzlies charged humans, compared to 62 in Yellowstone, where bears have killed four visitors in the last two years. Greater habituation to humans, along with Yellowstone's dwindling supplies of pine trees and cutthroat trout, have altered the bears' diets and led to human-grizzly confrontations. The study, going back to 1990, shows that 38 percent of charges involved human food. The bulk of charge victims have been lone hikers not carrying bear spray.

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Urban Coyote     Photo: Dru Bloomfield/Flickr

Coyotes Force Trail Closures in SF

City concerned by coyote-pet encounters

A string of run ins between pets and wild coyotes in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park has forced city officials to close several trails and remind owners not to walk dogs off leash. Wildlife officers believe the coyotes, 10 of which live within city limits and were first sighted in San Francisco in 2004, are protecting young pups. “San Franciscans do not seem to be getting the message about how to coexist peacefully with local wildlife," the city's Animal Care and Control agency wrote last week.

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Olympic Stadium

Olympic Stadium     Photo: Frank Steiner/Flickr

Olympic Stadium Ownership Unresolved

Stadium to be sold after Games

Organizers for the London Olympic Games on Monday delayed the bidding process that will determine who owns the Olympic Stadium once the games are concluded. The London Legacy Development Corporation was expected to announce new owners this month but decided to extend the deadline to "run a process that is fair to all and delivers the best possible legacy for the Olympic Stadium." Of the 16 bidders who have expressed interest in buying the stadium, only four have submitted formal applications. The British government approved a bid by the West Ham soccer team in March 2011, but the deal fell through after another soccer team and local entities challenged the plan.

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Donovan Bailey     Photo: Electroman/Wikimedia Commons

Donovan Bailey Charged With DUI

Champion sprinter pulled over in Toronto

On Monday, former Olympic champion Donovan Bailey was charged with driving under the influence after a March 28 incident in downtown Toronto. According to the court filing, Bailey, who won and set a world record in the 100 meters at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, was stopped by police and later failed a breathalyzer test. Bailey faces a fine and license suspension if convicted. This is the third time the five-time world champion has been charged with a driving-related incident. He was previously charged with leaving the scene of a crash and speeding.

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