November 6, 2012

    Photo: Kowh/Flickr

You Can Vote From Outer Space

Digital ballots beamed up to the space station

While we haven’t colonized the moon (yet), you could vote from outer space today. Yep, the NASA astronauts aboard the International Space Station have the option of voting via an electronic ballot, beamed up by Mission Control in Houston. Astronauts fill out the ballot and beam it back down to Mission Control, where it is sent directly to the proper authorities. In 1997, a bill was passed in Texas that made the process possible. In 2004, Leroy Chiao became the first American to vote from space. Two Americans are part of the current ISS expedition, but both of them filled out ballots—while stationed in Russia—before leaving the planet.

Via Discovery News


    Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Attack Sub Granted Safe Haven During Sandy

Detected 200 miles off the Florida coast

Sources revealed today that a Russian attack submarine was given safe harbor in a Florida commercial port during Hurricane Sandy after being detected 200 miles off the American coast. Though the Sierra-2 class submarine was armed with torpedoes and anti-submarine missiles, U.S. defense officials claim that the sub posed no threat to an aircraft carrier strike group that was conducting exercises in the Atlantic at the time, or King’s Bay Naval Submarine Base north of Jacksonville. The sub, believed to be part of Russia’s northern fleet, departed without incident. During the Cold War, Russia conducted some 230 submarine patrols a year. Today, it conducts fewer than 10.

Via The Daily Mail



Cyclists     Photo: Liam Gladdy/Flickr

Jeffco Cyclist Deliberately Hit by Truck

Area notorious for anti-cyclist aggression

A Colorado cyclist in Jefferson County has reported that he was deliberately struck by a truck on Sunday while riding along the shoulder in Deer Creek Canyon. Byron Nix, 45, said he was riding along South Deer Creek Canyon Road at around 9:00 a.m. when a 2009 Ford Ranger hit his road bike. Nix, a competitive racer, said that the driver was honking for about 30 seconds before he was struck. "It was chaotic—I could see him coming up," Nix said. "My bike got pulled under, and I went down." The Deer Creek area has recently been plagued by "tacking," in which tacks are thrown on the road to discourage or potentially injure cyclists.

Via Denver Post