May 18, 2012
Dave Zabriskie

Dave Zabriskie     Photo: tdm911/Flickr

Zabriski Rides Into ToC Leader's Jersey

American takes stage five time trial

Garmin-Barracuda rider Dave Zabriskie on Thursday captured the overall leader's jersey in the Tour of California with a victory in stage five's individual time trial. Zabriskie, 33, finished 23 seconds clear of RadioShack Nissan Trek veteran Jens Voigt, putting him into the overall lead ahead of fellow American Tejay Van Garderen by half a minute. Zabriskie hopes the ride will persuade U.S. cycling officials to select him for the Olympic Games time trial. "It's coming soon when they make the Olympic selection, so I wanted to put in a good performance for that," he said. Van Garderen, 25, is considered a strong threat to win the race outright. The tour continues Friday with a mountain stage finishing at altitude in Big Bear Lake and concludes on Sunday in Los Angeles.




Earthquake     Photo: Martin Luff/Flickr

Tidal Forces May Predict Megaquakes

Research shows high tides trigger tremors

Researchers in Japan say that monitoring tidal forces may help predict major earthquakes like the one that triggered a massive tsunami last March. Sachiko Tanaka from the National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention pored over data from tides and underwater tremors recorded between 1976 and 2011 in a 100,000-kilometer-wide area surrounding the 2011 quake's epicenter. Tanaka found that minor tidal tremors peaked just before the disaster and vanished afterwards. The added pressure of high tides above highly stressed faults triggers small tremors that could signify an imminent upheaval. Tanaka observed the same effect leading to the 2004 Indonesia megaquake. She hopes to use the method to help predict future seaquakes.

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Eclipse     Photo: motjetom/Flickr

Solar Eclipse Visible on Sunday in U.S.

First annular eclipse in 18 years

On May 20, people in the western United States will be able to spot an annular solar eclipse for the first time in 18 years. On Sunday afternoon, the moon will pass in front of the sun, covering it by 94 percent and creating the visual illusion of a "ring of fire." The Hinode spacecraft is the only sun-observing satellite that will be able to watch the eclipse. Scientists hope to use the satellite's images to study the outer atmosphere of the sun, normally hidden by the sun's brilliance.

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Tigers     Photo: Keven Law/Flickr

Society Says Zoo Let Kids Pet Tigers

Government officials now investigating

The Humane Society of the United States says an exotic animal park in Oklahoma has let children pet young tigers. An undercover Humane Society operative who worked at G.W. Exotic Animal Park last year videotaped children playing with exotic cats in a "petting zoo" and reported multiple incidents in which tigers bit or scratched visitors. The operative also reported deficiencies in animal care, including not watering a bear on a hot day. The park owner, Joe Schreibvogel, denies the accusations and said he plans to file animal cruelty charges against the operative for not correcting the deficiencies he allegedly observed when working at the park. The park is already under investigation for the deaths of 23 tiger cubs in 2009 and 2010.

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