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Photographer: Wikimedia Commons

Driver Hits Cyclist, "Doesn't Care"

According to official phone records, Kimberly Davis of Koroit, Australia, was texting with seven different people when she struck a cyclist from behind, injuring his spine and nearly paralyzing... Read More

Photographer: Grayson Schaffer

Deadly Avalanche Sweeps Everest

On Thursday night—early Friday morning in Nepal—a massive avalanche swept down from Everest’s West Ridge and struck the climbing route between Base Camp and Camp 1. Dozens of... Read More

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Munich Legalizes Nudity

Ditch the lederhosen. You can now walk around certain parts of Munich naked, thanks to a new policy. The German city allows people to publicly roam and sunbathe in the buff as long as they keep to... Read More

Photographer: John Shearer/Invision/AP

We May Have Reached "Peak Beard"

Beards are back, but maybe not for long. New research suggests that we may have reached "peak beard," a scenario in which the attractiveness of facial hair begins to decrease. As more people grow... Read More

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Everest Season Shutting Down?

In the wake of the worst tragedy in Mount Everest's history, it appears that many expeditions are discussing cancelling their climb, packing up, and leaving the mountain. The latest news comes... Read More

Photographer: Herbal Elements/Twitter

Pot Vending Machine Revealed

American Green, a vending manufacturer, has released the first marijuana vending machine. Called the ZaZZZ, the machines will sell pot and assorted edibles inside dispensaries with hopes of making... Read More

Photographer: chapsss/ThinkStock

Portland to Flush Peed-In Reservoir

Boys, the world is not your bathroom. A 19-year-old Portland man's decision to urinate in the city's Mount Tabor Reservoir 5 pushed the city to flush all 38 million gallons of it. On April 16,... Read More

Photographer: Dave Winer/Flickr

Will Sriracha Leave California?

In an announcement on Wednesday, Huy Fong Foods owner David Tran said he was seriously considering moving his Sriracha production plant to another location. After months of complaints and battles... Read More

Photographer: NOTIMEX

Woman Attempts Longest Triathlon

Norma Bastidas makes an Ironman sound easy. The 47-year-old woman is currently trying to set the record for the world's longest triathlon—3,762 miles from Cancun, Mexico, to Washington, DC.... Read More