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Froning Crowned CrossFit King Again

Despite a subpar performance during the second day of the 2014 CrossFit Games, favorite Rich Froning made his way back to claim the title of CrossFit Games champion for the fourth year in a... Read More

The Real Killer at Endurance Races

Cardiac arrest during a marathon is certainly the stuff of runners' nightmares, but if you're going to let anything cause you anxiety during your next race, it should be heatstroke. Heart-related... Read More

Lose Weight, Get Rich

People use all kinds of incentives to lose weight, but citizens of Dubai might just have the best one yet. The city's "Your Child in Gold" program gives participants one gram of gold for every... Read More

Trees Are Urban Superheroes

The next time you read Outside in the shade of a leafy tree, recognize that you're in the presence of greatness. The USDA Forest Service recently discovered that trees are responsible for saving... Read More

Surfing Isn't Fun Anymore

Surf’s up, but the hang loose attitude is down. The 2014 Vans U.S. Open of Surfing, which began on Saturday in the surf hub of Huntington Beach, California, has had plenty of winners... Read More

First K2 Death This Year

After a flurry of summits on K2 over the weekend, the mountain claimed its first victim of the season. Spanish climber Miguel Angel Perez Alvarez, 46, died in his tent after descending to Camp 4.... Read More

PETA Wants to Pay Your Water Bill

Water resources in America are so screwed right now that some people will pay you to use less even in places that aren't in a drought. As of July 22, 34 percent of the country was officially in a... Read More

Selfies Make You Stronger

Living in the age of #fitness junkies, activity trackers, and sports bra selfies was bound to lead to this: a new fitness app called PumpUp. PumpUp allows users to not only post their workouts and... Read More

The Sun Shines on K2

Sixty years after the first successful ascent of Pakistan's K2, a window of good weather last weekend created ideal conditions for a potentially record-setting summit day on the world's... Read More