News from the Field

Trending: 338 Sharks Now On Twitter

More than 300 sharks have been outfitted with acoustic transmitters that will tweet when they are within a half-mile of a beach. Government researchers in Western Australia developed the idea in... Read More

Couple Finds Giant Snake in Couch

Usually, when you pick up a piece of furniture off the curb, you're worried about mold or bedbugs, maybe even loose screws. Never snakes. Grand Rapids resident Holly Wright and her boyfriend... Read More

Crooks Steal 60,000 Bees

Sticky-fingered thieves have struck again. British police are looking for crooks who stole a hive full of hibernating bees last month. The hive, which was taken from a community garden in Norwich,... Read More

Fox-tainted Donkey Meat

Remember when horsemeat was found in IKEA's meatballs last February? Or when a fatal fungus threatened to destroy bananas globally? Well, just two days into 2014, Wal-mart stores in China have... Read More

Boston Kicks Off 2014 with Polar Bath

At 9:30 a.m. on New Year's Day, a bull horn blaired and an army of New England residents plunged into South Boston's icy Dorchester Bay. swumming in southie — Carl... Read More