News from the Field

SeaWorld's Fishy PR Tactics

The documentary Blackfish, which details the history of marine mammal abuse and the downplaying of trainer deaths and injuries at the park, has, as one would expect, been a public relations... Read More

Wild Turkey Versus UPS Driver

Workers at the University of Minnesota Hospital in Minneapolis were treated to a lunchtime show when a local United Parcel Service driver was chased around a FedEx truck by a wild turkey.... Read More

Dogs' Pooping Secrets Revealed

There’s a reason your dog circles before settling on the perfect pooping spot. He’s likely aligning himself with Earth’s magnetic field. A new study has found that canines have... Read More

Chinese Rescue Ship Now Stuck

The Chinese icebreaker Snow Dragon, which recently helped rescue 52 passengers from a trapped Australian ship, the Akademik Shokalskiy, is now also stuck off the coast of Antartica. The Aurora... Read More

Hormone Blocks Marijuana Buzz

On Thursday, a group of French researchers isolated a hormone that blocks the high you get from weed. What? Why? "Their discovery could lead to new approaches to treating marijuana intoxication... Read More