News from the Field

Mackey’s Hard Times Continue

When I went to Fairbanks to visit Lance Mackey last winter, I knew I was meeting one of dog-sled racing’s greatest champions on the downslide of his success. Even so, the relentlessly... Read More

Caffeine Enhances Memory

That morning cup of coffee or lunchtime soda might serve a purpose beyond giving you a jolt of energy. According to a new study by researchers at Johns Hopkins University, caffeine enhances... Read More

SeaWorld Expects Record Profit

SeaWorld has battled bad publicity since the release of CNN’s controversial documentary Blackfish early last year. And you'd think after Willie Nelson and other celebrities spoke out against... Read More

Skier Dies in Tree Well

A 54-year-old man who was skiing with his son at Whitefish Mountain Resort died Saturday after he fell into a tree well. The son, realizing he was alone when he got to the bottom of the run,... Read More

Killing One Rhino to Save the Rest

The Dallas Safari Club successfully auctioned off a permit to kill a Namibian black rhino this weekend. The permit sold for $350,000, which will reportedly be used in the name of conservation. The... Read More

The 'Nutcracker Man' Diet

An Oxford University study published last Wednesday concluded that Paranthropus boisei, an early hominin living alongside the direct ancestors of modern humans, survived on a diet previously... Read More

Whale Gatherings Baffle Scientists

Gray whales are a common sight along the California coast, but now their numbers are spiking to unprecedented levels, and scientists have no idea why. Three hundred sixty-eight whales were spotted... Read More