News from the Field

Magnetosphere Is Collapsing

When it comes to matters of planetary well-being, climate change tends to dominate the conversation, but there's an elephant in the room that needs addressing: the magnetosphere. The magnetic field... Read More

Movember Hurts P&G Profits

Procter & Gamble’s profits have taken a hit because of your mustache. In addition to a general trend of more facial hair, the men’s health initiative Movember, which encourages... Read More

U.S. Ski Team Announces Sochi Squad

It’s official. Teenager Mikaela Shiffrin and five-time Olympic medalist Bode Miller will headline the United States' ski team heading to Sochi next month. The U.S. Ski Team announced its... Read More

Purple Tomatoes: The Next Superfood?

If you thought square watermelons were crazy, wait until purple tomatoes hit shelves. Why purple? Studies show that anthocyanin—the antioxidant that makes blueberries blue—helps to... Read More

TSA's Weirdest Finds

More than 2 million travelers passed through Transportation Security Administration checkpoints every day last year. From that stream of travelers, TSA officers confiscated some pretty weird... Read More

Iditarod vs. Idiotarod

You've probably heard of the Iditarod, the grueling dogsled race that cuts through Alaska and takes more than a week to complete. But you might not know about Idiotarod, the urban spoof where... Read More