News from the Field

Climbers to Stop Trashing Everest

Beginning this April, Nepalese officials are requiring climbers on Mount Everest to haul 8 kilograms (17.6 pounds) of garbage off the mountain in an effort to clean up decades of trash buildup. The... Read More

Avalanche Hits Neighborhood

A snowboarder triggered a destructive avalanche late Friday afternoon in Missoula, Montana, uprooting a home and leaving three buried in snow and debris. Mount Jumbo was reportedly primed for a... Read More

NASA Defies "Gravity"

Last night, Gravity, the harrowing sci-fi blockbuster about a routine space mission gone horribly awry, picked up seven trophies at the Academy Awards. The film's striking realism—and its... Read More

Disney Cuts Off Boy Scouts

Though the Boy Scouts of America voted last year to allow gay youths as members, it continues a ban on gay scout leaders. And Disney is not having it. The Walt Disney Company announced Friday that... Read More

Snake Eats Crocodile

The Australian crocodile never had a chance. During a five-hour battle in northern Queensland, a snake wrestled, constricted, and finally ate a crocodile on Sunday. The 10-foot-long... Read More

Hundreds Cuffed at KXL Protest

As Reuters reports, several hundred of the estimated 1,000 people protesting the Keystone XL pipeline at the White House on Sunday agreed to risk arrest by refusing the leave the sidewalk in front... Read More