News from the Field

Tony Hawk Introduces "Real" Hoverboard

In what can only be described as an elaborate hoax, Tony Hawk, Back to the Future’s Christopher Lloyd, and a crop of athletes and celebrities introduced the world to a real-life hoverboard.... Read More

We've Trained Bears to Love Our Food

Next time you have to bear-proof your campsite at night before snuggling into your sleeping bag, don't feel quite so resentful. Bears love human food, but that's because we've trained them to make... Read More

Facebook Eyeing Drone Fleet

Facebook is reportedly in talks to purchase Titan Aerospace, a producer of solar-powered, near-orbital unmanned aerial vehicles. Titan UAVs can stay airborne for up to five years without landing... Read More

The Granddaddy of All Snowmen

Just as Michelangelo saw a statue in a block of marble, Minnesota farmer Greg Novak saw a 50-foot snowman in the pile of snow he'd accumulated on his property. As the St. Cloud Times reports,... Read More

Sharks Film with POV Cameras

It seems like everyone has a POV camera these days—even sharks. Researchers recently outfitted sharks with wearable computers that track the animals’ movements and habits. The... Read More

Shutdown Cost Parks $414 million

Last October's government shutdown didn't stop one of our editors from summiting Mount Whitney on her birthday, but it definitely cost America’s national parks and their surrounding... Read More