March 23, 2012
Mount Darwin, California

Mount Darwin, California     Photo: jfdervin/Flickr

Winter Ascent of Evolution Traverse

Team first to climb nine CA peaks over 7 days

A team of three climbers on March 10 completed the first-ever winter ascent of the Evolution Traverse, a nine-peak, eight-mile route in California's Sierra Nevada range. Shay Har-Noy, Ben Horne, and Konstantin Stoletov, who climb together as members of the group PullHarder, climbed over seven days and spent several nights sleeping in exposed terrain. Temperatures dropped as low as -7 Farenheit and wind speeds topped out at 90 miles per hour.

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An actual wingsuit

An actual wingsuit     Photo: Richard Schneider/Flickr

Flying Dutchman Video a Hoax

Creator says video was an experiment

A Dutch man who posted a video of himself "flying" with paraglider-like wings has admitted that the video was a hoax. Floris Kaayk, an animation artist and filmmaker, starred in the video as "Jarno Smeets," a man who claimed to have invented a wingsuit that allowed him to fly by flapping his arms. The video quickly went viral, garnering more than 9 million views. Doubts about the video's veracity arose after the engineering institutions "Smeets" claimed to belong to said they didn't know him. Kaayk admitted the video was fake on Thursday night, saying he created the film as an experiment in viral online media.

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