News from the Field

4.8 Earthquake Hits Yellowstone

No human knew about the 4.8 magnitude earthquake that shook the northern part of Yellowstone National Park on Sunday until it happened at 6:34 a.m., but some on Twitter and YouTube say that a group... Read More

Ancient Bones Found in Backyard

Ali Erturk, a Salt Lake City ninth grader, was in the middle of building a backyard trout pond for his dad when he stumbled upon what he thought was an animal bone. Digging deeper, Erturk ran into... Read More

U.S. Taxpayers to Buy $400K Camel Art

United States taxpayers might spend $400,000 on a camel sculpture for the new American embassy being built in Islamabad, Pakistan. The State Department outlined plans to buy the work—a... Read More

Tiny House Dating

Not everyone can live comfortably in a 200-square-foot space, but for people who can, finding a small-minded mate (pun intended) can be difficult. Enter Tiny House Dating, a new dating social... Read More

Google Naps Finds Best Sleep Spots

Napping can be the heavenly break you need during a hectic workday—especially if your productivity for the remainder of it depends on some shut-eye. But what if you’ve hit the... Read More