News from the Field

Bruce Willis Wants to Donate Ski Hill

Actor Bruce Willis is exploring the logistics of donating Idaho's Soldier Mountain to a non-profit in Camas County. Willis, whose $14 million home near the mountain is for sale, has owned Soldier... Read More

Pendleton Wins 6th Sprint Cycling Gold

On Friday in Australia, British track cyclist Victoria Pendleton nabbed her sixth-career sprint gold at the world cycling championships. Pendleton, 31, overcame a brutal crash in the semi-finals... Read More

Coast Guard Sinks Drifting Tsunami Ship

On Thursday, the U.S. Coast Guard sunk a 164-foot Japanese fishing vessel that had floated away from the coast of Japan following last March's tsunami and drifted into the Gulf of Alaska. A Coast... Read More

Outrage Over Wolf Torture Image

Wildlife advocates who are demanding the dismissal of a Forest Service employee who posted photographs of a bleeding, trapped wolf. Josh Bransford uploaded the photos, which have since been... Read More