News from the Field

Photographer: George Rex/Flickr

Urban Explorer Climbs London's Shard

On Saturday, urban explorer Bradley L. Garrett announced that he has climbed London's Shard, the tallest building in Europe. Garrett, 31, says he sneaked past a security guard with two friends and... Read More

Photographer: piawaugh/Flickr

Pacific Island Niue Wants Lady Gaga Show

The island nation of Niue has invited singer Lady Gaga to perform after she visits New Zealand for a show in June. Niue spokesman Mike Hogan has promised to bring all of the country's 1,600... Read More

Photographer: CharlesLam/Flickr

Wild Parrots Are Learning English

Escaped pet parrots in Australia are teaching wild birds English, including some unsavory words. The Australian Museum says it has received a number of reports from people who say they've heard... Read More

Photographer: Liam Q/flickr

Film Crew Rescued off Antarctica

On Saturday, the Chilean navy rescued four documentary filmmakers from Brazil after their yacht became trapped in ice off the coast of Antarctica. The crew was working on a project about navigating... Read More

Photographer: Alexander Kachkaev/Flickr

Gold-medal-winning diver dies at 43

Former Olympic gold-medal-winning diver Mark Lenzi died on Monday in Greenville, North Carolina at age 43. Lenzi had been hospitalized for several weeks with low blood pressure but his cause of... Read More