News from the Field

Deadly Avalanche Sweeps Everest

On Thursday night—early Friday morning in Nepal—a massive avalanche swept down from Everest’s West Ridge and struck the climbing route between Base Camp and Camp 1. Dozens of... Read More

Run Boston from Your Treadmill

Fans of both running and The Matrix should be geeking out very hard over Virtual Runner from Outside Interactive (no relation), a new app that lets runners enjoy the pleasures of some 30 different... Read More

Woman Attempts Longest Triathlon

Norma Bastidas makes an Ironman sound easy. The 47-year-old woman is currently trying to set the record for the world's longest triathlon—3,762 miles from Cancun, Mexico, to Washington, DC.... Read More

High Altitude Lowers Risk of Obesity

A new study published in PLOS ONE says overweight U.S. service members are 41 percent less likely to transition into obesity when stationed at high altitude. Largely a response to recent studies... Read More

Will Sriracha Leave California?

In an announcement on Wednesday, Huy Fong Foods owner David Tran said he was seriously considering moving his Sriracha production plant to another location. After months of complaints and battles... Read More

WWF Starts #LastSelfie Campaign

In what might be the most intelligent use of the selfie yet, the Danish branch of the World Wildlife Fund is using popular photo-sharing app Snapchat's format to its... Read More

Gnat Named After Bill McKibben

Being named after a flying insect doesn't exactly sound like a compliment. Wouldn't you rather see your name on a species of jungle cat or bird of prey? But ask green activist, author, and Outside... Read More