News from the Field


Massive Water Reserves Found in Africa

Scientists from the United Kingdom on Friday published a study in the journal Environmental Research Letters showing vast groundwater reserves in some of Africa's most arid regions. That water,... Read More

Photographer: Rainy City/Flickr

Volcano Erupts Near Mexico City

On Friday, Mexico's Popocatepetl volcano erupted violently, sending skyward a cloud of ash that was visible from Mexico City 40 miles away. Residents of the town of Xalitzintla, which sits at the... Read More

Photographer: hermanusbackpackers/Flickr

Outcry After Fatal Shark Attack

Residents of Cape Town, South Africa, are calling on the crew of the television show Shark Men to stop production after a great white fatally attacked a champion bodyboarder on Thursday. Residents... Read More

Photographer: S-t-v/Flickr

Herd of Escaped Bears Kills Two in Japan

On Friday, police in Japan's Akita prefecture were scrambling to contain a herd of bears that escaped an animal park and mauled to death two zookepers. Hachimantai bear park, home to 38 brown... Read More