News from the Field

Massive Crash in Tour of the Gila

A huge pileup took out more than half of the cyclists competing in New Mexico's Tour of the Gila Wednesday afternoon. About 13 riders were taken to a local hospital, and two had to be airlifted to... Read More

Maryland Sinkhole Puts Dent in Traffic

Just before rush hour hit Baltimore, Maryland, on April 30, a block-long slice of 26th Street gave way, sending a retaining wall, sidewalk, gate, and five cars into a rail tunnel below. Witnesses... Read More

This Paint Could Change the World

In today's networked and high-tech world, it's easy to forget the old-school method that accounts for more than 90 percent of global trade—the sea. Maritime trade remains the most... Read More

Smart Umbrellas Study Rainfall

When we think of our cellphone data as coveted information, the connotation is usually negative: Government agencies are spying on us; social media sites are selling our predilections to... Read More

16-Year-Old Sets Planking Record

Planking for one minute is hard enough, but in Boulder, Colorado, teen Gabi Ury held the grueling position for 1 hour, 20 minutes. She smashed the previous women's record of 40 minutes set by Eva... Read More

Topless Woman Dances with 12,000 Bees

Portland beekeeper Sara Mapelli doesn't wear the traditional beekeeper's uniform. Instead, she wears, well, nothing. Or maybe more accurately, she wears a "bee blouse"—her naked torso and... Read More