News from the Field

Solar Panels Could Replace Roads

Back when the concept of global warming was still nascent—only eight years ago, mind you—Scott and Julie Brusaw of Sagle, Idaho, began heavily contemplating an idea that Scott, an... Read More

Welcome to the Age of Self-Healing Plastic

What does your tennis racket have in common with Wolverine, the brooding mutton-chopped frontman of the X-Men franchise? Well, very little, as it turns out. But that might change in the near... Read More

The Young and Smart Gene

A gene known for its anti-aging effects also benefits the brain, according to a new study published in the journal Cell Reports. Variants of the gene could help scientists to develop treatments to... Read More

Snacking (or Feasting) on Exercise

Two new studies on exercise have very different messages on how long you should work out at a time, but both may be good news for anyone looking to optimize their sweat session. A study published... Read More

Putin-fied Plans for Lunar Base

Russian newspaper Izvestia obtained previously unreleased drafts of a Putin-fied program yesterday to colonize the moon in 2030. Among contributors to the 16-year plan to place a permanent... Read More