News from the Field

Mystery of Chris McCandless's Death Solved

In a blog post for The New Yorker, Jon Krakauer has verified the cause of death of one of the most vivid characters in Outside lore. In 1993, Krakauer published an article on the death of Chris... Read More

Diseased Monkeys Great For Florida Tourism

Central Florida is infested with rhesus monkeys. Brought to the Sunshine State in the late 1930s by an enterprising tour operator named Colonal Tooey, the monkeys inhabit the 6,000-acre Silver... Read More

Exercise Desk Use on the Rise

A growing numbers of Americans are using stand-up desks, treadmill desks, and other moving workstations throughout the day, the Associated Press reports. Sales of exercise workstations have... Read More

Giant Aquifer Discovered in Kenya

Scientists in Kenya have discovered an aquifer capable of meeting the country's water needs for up to 70 years. The aquifer is thought to hold more than 200 billion cubic meters of fresh water, and... Read More