News from the Field

Photographer: avrene/Flickr

Former Amazon CFO Struck and Killed in Bike Accident

Joy Covey, the former CFO of Amazon and recently the Treasurer at the Natural Resources Defense Council, was struck and killed by a vehicle in San Mateo County on Thursday. She was 50 years old and... Read More


WATCH: GoPro Strapped to an Eagle

Little is known about this GoPro video filmed from the back of an eagle, save that it was filmed in the Mer de Glace area of Chamonix and that it is the most uplifting thing this writer has seen... Read More

Photographer: Jay Ondreicka

Always, Always Shake Out Your Shoes

A story in Tuesday's New York Times about a "professional outdoorsman" who found a black widow spider in his shoe (after he felt it bite him) will ensure that you will never again not shake out... Read More