News from the Field

Photographer: Tracy J. Anderson/Shutterstock

Epic Ski Race Now Covers 4 Countries

On November first, the Epic Race will begin—a season-long challenge to ski or ride 26 mountains around the world. The first ten to complete this Jules Vernian task, hosted by Vail Resorts,... Read More

Photographer: Central Intelligence Agency/Wikimedia Commons

Five Kayakers Missing in Tajikistan

Five kayakers are reported missing on the Balandkiik River in eastern Tajikistan. Ben Luck, Cooper Lambla, Matt Klema, Nate Klema, and Charles King triggered the emergency signal on their SPOT... Read More


Origins of the 'Eagle Cam' Video Uncovered

When the infamous "Eagle Cam" video, a tour of Chamonix filmed from the back of a raptor, surfaced last month, little was known about its origins. Fortunately, Adventure Journal tracked down the... Read More

Rafters Protest Grand Canyon Shutdown

During the federal government shutdown, it will literally take an act of Congress for rafters to float the Grand Canyon, and those who already have permits are protesting. On Tuesday, three groups... Read More

Photographer: Mav/Wikimedia

Shutdown Interferes with Search and Rescue

The search for a missing hiker in Idaho's Craters of the Moon National Monument was scaled back Tuesday due to the government shutdown. As of Tuesday morning, no park employees were searching for... Read More