News from the Field

Cyclocross Racer Amy Dombroski Killed

American cylcocross racer Amy Dombroski died Thursday when she collided with a truck while training, VeloNews reports. Dombroski, 26, was motorpacing in Sainte-Catherine-Waver, Belgium, when the... Read More

Montana Relaxes Rules on Wolf Hunting

One month into Montana's wolf-hunting season, 6,000 people have purchased licenses to hunt the state's 635 wolves. Montana hunters entered the wolf season early in September with looser... Read More

Missing Kayakers Found in Tajikistan

Five Kayakers reported missing in Tajikistan have been found and evacuated. Ben Luck, Cooper Lambla, Matt Klema, Nate Klema, and Charles King were airlifted by helicopter and taken to... Read More

'Occupy Yosemite' Scheduled for Friday

If the partial federal governemnt shutdown enters day four, eastern California radio news director Stacey Powells will enter Yosemite National Park, whether it is open open or not. Public... Read More

Study: Diesel Exhaust Impairs Bees

Scientists say that diesel exhaust is destroying the relationship between flowers and honeybees. Recent tests show that a chemical in diesel exhaust, known as NOx, inhibits bees' ability to detect... Read More