News from the Field

Photographer: Timothy J Carroll/Flickr

Georgia Cyclists Kill Bill Requiring Bike Registration

"Can I see your license and registration?" Cyclists would be asked that question if a state bill requiring them to register their bicycles became a Georgia law. However, state lawmakers nixed the... Read More

Photographer: Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Security Increases at Chicago Marathon

The 36th Bank of America Chicago Marathon is among the largest to be held since last April’s Boston Marathon, where three people were killed when bombs exploded near the finish line. As a... Read More

Photographer: Bruce MacQueen/Shutterstock

Wisconsin Considers Legalizing Deer as Pets

Wisconsin wildlife officials are proposing that state law permit citizens to keep deer as pets, provided citizens pay fines and follow regulations. The proposal has received little support from... Read More

Photographer: Great White Shark Cage Diving/Wikimedia Commons

Humboldt Surfer Survives Shark Attack

A 45-year-old surfer survived a great white shark attack near California's Humboldt Bay on Sunday. Jay Scrivner had been surfing for nearly two hours in one of his favorite spots when the 8- to... Read More