News from the Field

Badwater: Behind the Scenes

If you’ve ever considered running the “the world’s toughest footrace”—or if you just need some running inspiration—check out AT&T U-verse Sport’s new... Read More

Shutdown Hits Antarctic Research

The ripple effect from the government shutdown in Washington D.C. is now being felt more than 9,900 miles away at the South Pole. The U.S. Antarctic Program effectively announced that research... Read More

Citations Issued at Grand Canyon

Twenty-one people were issued citations on Monday for entering Grand Canyon National Park during the government shutdown. Grand Canyon Chief Ranger Bill Right explained that people have been caught... Read More

Town Lets Visitors Swim with, Eat Dolphins

The Japanese town made infamous by the Oscar-winning documentary The Cove as the site of annual dolphin slaughters is planning to open a marine park next to Hatakejiri Bay, where dolphins are... Read More

United Sports of America

If every state had an official sport, what would they be? That’s the question Slate’s executive editor Josh Levin set out to answer in a hilarious interactive illustrated map of the... Read More