News from the Field

Killer Whales: Aquatic Babysitters

Humans aren’t the only species that calls on older relatives for babysitting help. Killer whales also rely on grandma to help watch the little ones, and a team of UK researchers aims to find... Read More

Camping 101 Fights Nature-Deficit Disorder

Nature-deficit disorder is a behavioral condition hypothesized by author Richard Louv in his 2005 book Last Child in the Woods, in which he suggests that separation from nature results in... Read More

Four Die in Avalanche on Everest

Three Tibetan guides and one Australian tourist died in a slide on Mount Everest early this week. Xinhua News Agency reports the four men were part of a ten-person group that traveled to an... Read More

Bison vs. Shutdown

It’s day 16 of the shutdown, and park goers aren’t the only ones frustrated by the barricades at our National Parks. Two Wyoming bison are feeling discouraged, too. So much so that they... Read More

Squirrels Raid First Lady's Garden

First Lady Michelle Obama's White House garden is the latest victim of furloughs at the National Parks Service during the partial federal government shutdown. Squirrels have overrun the 1,500... Read More

Oreos as Addictive as Cocaine

A study conducted at Connecticut College found that Oreos are as addictive as cocaine—in lab rats. Researchers found that rats shared an equally strong affinity for environments with Oreos as... Read More