News from the Field

Kickstarter: FlyKly Smart Wheel

A sleek, pedal-assist bike wheel showed up on Kickstarter yesterday. The new product is on track to raise its targeted $100,000 in just 48 hours. FlyKly is a "highly efficient all-in-one design... Read More

"Most Travelled Man" Ends 23-Year Journey

A Canadian man will return home this week after a 23-year journey, which will unofficially give him the title of "world's most travelled" man. According to the Toronto Sun, Mike Bown left Calgary... Read More

WATCH: POV of Baumgartner's Historic Jump

Nearly a year ago, Felix Baumgartner completed the highest jump in history, plummeting from 127,851 feet—about 24 miles. This week, Red Bull released Baumgartner's POV video from the jump.... Read More

Air Pollution Officially Causes Cancer

On Thursday, the World Health Organization officially added air pollution to the list of leading causes of cancer worldwide. "We consider [air pollution] to be the most important environmental... Read More

Kenya to Microchip Rhino Horns

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) will begin implanting microchips into the horns of the country's 1,000-plus rhinos to deter poaching on a continent that has seen a "gold rush" in poaching the last... Read More

Record Mountain-Bike Backflip

A record was set at the bikepalooza Red Bull Rampage earlier this week. Cameron Zink, 27, landed a 78-foot backflip in the desert outside of Virgin, Utah, making it the biggest freeride... Read More