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Himalayan Yeti Myth Explained

An Oxford genetics professor studying the Himalayan yeti believes the creature (or at least the creature behind the myth) is a hybrid between polar bears and brown bears. Bryan Sykes had been... Read More

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Sleep Cleans Your Brain

Getting enough sleep ensures a clean brain and a lower risk of Alzheimer's disease, researchers at the University of Rochester Medical Center told NPR. The study, conducted on mice, reveals that... Read More

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Monkeys Take Turns Talking

Humans often take for granted that when they speak, others (ideally) wait for them to finish before responding. Surprisingly, this conversational turn-taking—talking, listening,... Read More

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Dog That Ran Half-Marathon Dies

Boogie Butts, the runaway chocolate lab who bandited the Evansville Half-Marathon last Saturday passed away just three days after the race. Boogie was ten years old and is survived by his owner,... Read More

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Processed Meat Reduces Male Fertility

Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health have found that men who eat at least half a portion of processed meat a day—including bacon, hamburgers, sausage, and hot... Read More