News from the Field

Himalayan Yeti Myth Explained

An Oxford genetics professor studying the Himalayan yeti believes the creature (or at least the creature behind the myth) is a hybrid between polar bears and brown bears. Bryan Sykes had been... Read More

Races Crack Down on Aliases

If you've entered a road race in the last decade, it's likely you've competed against Bruce Wayne, who's appeared in the results of at least 41 races in the U.S. since 2005, including the... Read More

Sleep Cleans Your Brain

Getting enough sleep ensures a clean brain and a lower risk of Alzheimer's disease, researchers at the University of Rochester Medical Center told NPR. The study, conducted on mice, reveals that... Read More

Monkeys Take Turns Talking

Humans often take for granted that when they speak, others (ideally) wait for them to finish before responding. Surprisingly, this conversational turn-taking—talking, listening,... Read More

Dog That Ran Half-Marathon Dies

Boogie Butts, the runaway chocolate lab who bandited the Evansville Half-Marathon last Saturday passed away just three days after the race. Boogie was ten years old and is survived by his owner,... Read More

Processed Meat Reduces Male Fertility

Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health have found that men who eat at least half a portion of processed meat a day—including bacon, hamburgers, sausage, and hot... Read More