News from the Field

Jamaica Facing Olympic Ban

The World Anti-Doping Agency is threatening to ban Jamaica from international competitions, such as the Olympics, after the Caribbean nation attempted to defer an audit of its anti-doping program... Read More

Professor to Live in Dumpster for One Year

Jeff Wilson, an environmental science professor in Austin, Texas, plans to spend the next year living in a dumpster. The Dumpster Project is all a part of Wilson's new course on low-impact living... Read More

82-year-old Runs 3:41 Marathon

Canadian distance runner Ed Whitlock, 82, set a new age record for the marathon when he clocked a 3:41:58 at the Toronto Waterfront Marathon on Sunday. The previous record for an 82-year-old was... Read More

Google Earth Busts Marijuana Garden

Police in southern Oregon used Google Earth to investigate rumors than an area man was growing more marijuana than his medical license permitted. Police received a tip that the man, 50, had been... Read More