News from the Field

Washington Named Bike-Friendliest State

The League of American Bicyclists, a 133-year-old bicycle advocacy non-profit, named Washington the most bike-friendly state in the U.S. in its Bicycle Friendly Community awards report, released on... Read More

Hiker's Body Found in Idaho National Monument

The body of a missing hiker was found yesterday in Idaho's Craters of the Moon National Monument. Dr. Jo Elliott-Blakeslee, 63, was found nearly a month after she was reported missing with her... Read More

WATCH: Make a DIY Recycling Machine

The 2011 recycle recovery rate in the U.S. was an abysmal eight percent, prompting a Dutch designer to create a DIY plastic-recycling machine. Dave Hakkens' open-source prototype, called Precious... Read More

"Blackfish" on CNN Tonight

Tune in to CNN at 9 p.m. EST tonight to watch Blackfish, Gabriela Cowperthwaite's award-winning documentary inspired by the Outside article “Killer in the Pool." The film examines 39 years... Read More

Russia Drops Greenpeace Piracy Charge

Russia announced Wednesday that they would drop the piracy charges against the 30 crew members of Greenpeace's Arctic Sunrise. Russian news agency RIA Novosti reports that the charges of... Read More