News from the Field

USA Wins at World Beard Champs

In the world of competitive whisker growing, American sports a better English Moustache than the English. Team Beard USA took home nine trophies this weekend at the World Beard and Moustache... Read More

Tragic Accidents Shake the Ski Community

The ski community is in mourning following the deaths of pro skiers Tom Warnick and Magnus Kastengren in unrelated accidents. With the ski season not yet in full force, the death of these top... Read More

Polar Bear Attacks on the Rise

Scientists warn that a polar bear attack in Churchill, Canada, last week could be the harbinger for more dangerous encounters between humans and polar bears as Arctic ice melts. On November 1, a... Read More

Olympic Kayaker Charged with Drug Production

Former world champion kayaker Nathan Baggaley appeared in court Monday to plead not guilty to allegations that he manufactured and sold amphetamines as part of a three-person syndicate. Baggaley,... Read More

Bigfoot Hunt Goes Bad

Oklahoma is not known for Bigfoot sightings, but that didn’t stop 21-year-old Omar Pineda from searching for Sasquatch on Saturday night. Startled by a "barking noise," Pineda took a pot... Read More

What We Learned From Banff

The 2013 Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival wrapped up on Sunday night after nine days of energizing events and films. This year's festival left me with the sense that our adventure world is... Read More