News from the Field

Rural Colorado Votes in Favor of Secession

Five rural Colorado counties voted in favor of secession in Tuesday's polls. The ballot question, which appeared in 11 Colorado counties, asked voters if their county commissioners should take... Read More

Asian Carp Detected in Lake Michigan

New evidence suggests that invasive Asian carp may have made their way into Lake Michigan. Biologists announced Tuesday that they collected a water sample containing DNA of Asian carp in Sturgeon... Read More

Watch: Alaska Fishermen Free Orca

A video has surfaced of three shrimp fishermen rescuing an orca stranded on rocks in Klakas Inlet, near Ketchikan, Alaska. The 16-foot female whale had been part of a pod that was hunting seals in... Read More

Watch: Homemade Jetpack Flies over Mount Fuji

Swiss aviator Yves Rossy flew his self-constructed jetpack over Mount Fuji nine times last week. He jumped from a helicopter and fired up the four jet engines strapped to his back, then soared on a... Read More