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Photographer: Courtesy of BIG

Literally Skiing on Garbage

Soon, a vacation to Copenhagen won’t be complete without a few runs down the the city’s garbage incinerator. Amager Bakke, a waste-management company in Denmark, is building a power... Read More

Photographer: Suzanne Tucker /

Watch: Elk Stuck On Trampoline

Presumably, safety nets are placed around trampolines to keep kids from bouncing out. Turns out those nets are also pretty good at keeping elk in. Greg Chase and family, of Evergreen, Colorado,... Read More

Photographer: Melissa Fiene/Thinkstock

Trending: Beers With a Local Taste

A trend in craft brewing has beer makers seeking out local flavors to connect individual brews to their surroundings. NPR News reports that brewers are headed into their own backyards in search of... Read More

Photographer: Tony in WA/Flickr

Grand Canyon Uranium Mine Delayed

The proposed reopening of a uranium mine near the Grand Canyon is on hold in the face of falling uranium prices and ongoing litigation. The old mine, six miles south of the South Rim entrance to... Read More