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Exercise is Good for Your Brain

The evidence that physical activity benefits mental health just keeps piling up, most recently at the Society for Neuroscience annual meeting, currently underway in San Diego. Researchers at... Read More

Photographer: Stephen Kasica

30 Squats for a Subway Ticket

The Moscow subway system will begin to reward good health with free subway tickets. For just 30 squats, any subway user will be allowed to ride the Moscow subway for free. The squats will be judged... Read More

Photographer: Pedro Biondi/Wikimedia

Amazon Logging Could Hurt Snowfall in U.S.

Clearcutting, logging, and burning in the Amazon may affect snowfall in the U.S., according to a report in the Journal of Climate. Researchers estimate that deforestation in the Amazon could... Read More

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OxyElite Pro Supplements Recalled

USPLabs LLC has recalled some of its OxyElite Pro dietary supplement products after the FDA threatened to forcibly halt distribution of all suspect products. Recalled items include OxyElite Pro... Read More