News from the Field

Jogglers Hit 5K to Set World Record

Nine members of the Boulder Juggling Club competed in Broomfield's Anthem 5K on Saturday, hoping to set a new world record for the most jogglers—or, joggers who juggle—in a 5K. "At... Read More

14-Year-Old Runs Marathons On Every Continent

On Sunday, 14-year-old Winter Vinecki completed the Athens Classic Marathon in 4:03:53. She finished 160 out of 1,284 women, but even more impressively, she became the youngest person to complete a... Read More

Google Launches Tour Builder

Google announced a new feature yesterday called Tour Builder, an integration of Google Earth, Maps, and images that anyone can use to tell adventure stories virtually. The technology allows you... Read More

The Games Will Be Instagrammed

Despite multiple reports that journalists at the Sochi Olympics will be barred from posting news on Instagram, Twitter, and other social media, the International Olympic Committee confirms that... Read More

SeaWorld Challenges Ban on Contact with Orcas

In 2010, a Labor Department judge placed a ban on "close contact" between killer whales and their trainers after SeaWorld's largest bull orca drowned one of veteran trainers that Februrary. Now, on... Read More