News from the Field

Chicago-size Iceberg Unleashed

When the Titanic sunk, newspapers estimated the iceberg’s size in feet; today, an iceberg that broke off of Antarctica is being measured in miles. According to The Wall Street Journal, an... Read More

Dallas Zoo Baffled By Lion-on-Lion Crime

Visitors at the Dallas Zoo were treated to a display of existential horror Sunday when they witnessed a lion attack and kill one of it's own. The male lion turned on his female companion, Johari,... Read More

Wolf Season Opens in Michigan

Four wolves were killed during the first weekend of wolf season in Michigan, which opened Friday, November 15. This year marks the first wolf-hunting season for the state since the animal was... Read More

Jaguars Obsessed with Calvin Klein Fragrance

Calvin Klein Obsession for Men doesn’t just attract also works on jaguars (actual jaguars). Rather than paying an army of field assistants to observe the elusive cats, wiildlife... Read More

China to Ease Animal Testing

The China Food and Drug Administration plans to do away with the requirement that certain domestically manufactured cosmetic products be tested on animals. By June of next year, Chinese-produced... Read More