News from the Field

Photographer: Courtesy of Mauricio Diazgranados

Hairy Daisy Discovered

Researchers on an expedition in the Venezuelan Andes found a new species of daisy. Coated in hairs that provide Dr. Seuss-esque insulation, the Coespeletia palustris grows at an altitude of 12,450... Read More

Photographer: Nadjeschda/Flickr

Wild Turkeys Take Over Staten Island

Staten Island residents are already sick of turkey, and it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet. Roving bands of feral turkeys—thousands of them—have become mess-making, traffic-stopping... Read More

Concussion Symptoms Linger

New research shows that concussions leave behind damage even months after their initial symptoms have passed. A study published in the journal Neurology analyzed 100 participants, half of who... Read More

Photographer: Courtesy of Flying Still Photography

Paddle Mob Sets World Record

On August 31, more than 2,000 paddlers in canoes and kayaks assembled in Suttons Bay, Michigan, to set a new world record for largest raft of canoes and kayaks to float together. Yesterday, the... Read More

Photographer: Svetl/Thinkstock

Nuts Can Prolong Your Life

Studies have long shown that incorporating nuts into your diet has many benefits: reducing the chance of memory loss, improving blood sugar levels, lowering the risk of heart attack, decreasing fat... Read More