News from the Field

Comet ISON Nears Sun

By now, Comet ISON has traveled more than 100,000 astronomical units—about 2,500 times the distance between the sun and Pluto—and on Thursday, it is projected to miss the sun by just... Read More

Black Bear Delicacies Result in Fine

A married couple that owns a restaurant in Helena, Montana, plead guilty Monday to 13 wildlife charges involving the unlawful purchase and distribution of black bear parts. David Hong, 57, and his... Read More

Where Are the Monarchs?

For centuries, monarch butterflies have migrated from across North America to the mountains of central Mexico, arriving like clockwork on November 1. However, this year the monarchs showed up late... Read More

2013 Hurricane Season Weakest Since 1982

On November 30, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration will close the books on the 2013 Atlantic hurricane season. With only 13 named storms in the Atlantic basin, 2013 had the fewest... Read More