News from the Field

Photographer: Courtesy of Lionsgate

'Hunger Games' Spikes Archery Interest

Bow hunting is suddenly being overrun by seven-year-old girls, according to a story on NPR. The fuel behind this new craze is evidently the popular young adult series, The Hunger Games, which... Read More

Photographer: Swanksalot/Flickr

Partial Shutdown of Sriracha Plant

Just when you thought your Sriracha was safe… On Tuesday, a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge ordered a partial shutdown of the Irwindale, California, Sriracha plant after determining... Read More

Photographer: Lisa Risager/Wikimedia

Busting Bike Thieves by Twitter

In a city where only four out of every 25 bicycles recovered by local police were returned to their owners last year, Twitter is becoming an essential tool in curbing bicycle theft. In July, the... Read More

Photographer: Aleksey Krylov/Thinkstock

Hunting Hits the Mainstream

With an outbreak of disease and deer-related car accidents, Durham, N.C., has authorized bow hunting within city limits, reports TIME Magazine. America's Pest Problem: It's Time to Cull the Herd... Read More

Photographer: AssociatedPress/YouTube

Watch: Rare Natural Ice Sculpture

While hunting in North Dakota, retired engineer George Loegering came upon a circle of ice over 50 feet in diameter gently revolving on the surface of the Sheyenne River. Leogering took photos... Read More