MapMyFitness Ranks Active States

California ranked as the most active state based on fitness tracker data.     Photo: Robert Gourley/Flickr

MapMyFitness Ranks Active States

California takes top spot, D.C. last

West Coasters are the kings of fitness, according to 2014 data from workout-tracking app MapMyFitness. Users plug into their phones or other connected devices and tell the app what kind of exercise they’re doing, and then MapMyFitness tracks the length of the workout and the user’s location. Under Armour, which owns the app, collated last year’s data from 22 million users to produce the state rankings.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the average time spent working out per week was 73.2 minutes (less than half of the 150 minutes a week the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends). Californians on average logged 87 exercise minutes per week, followed by Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Arizona. When ordered by activity, Massachusetts had the most minutes spent running, California the most spent walking, and Colorado and Utah tied for the most minutes spent cycling. Activities like skiing, weightlifting, and yoga accounted for just 3 percent of minutes in any state.

The domination by Pacific states is largely due to ease of access. “Access to parks is tremendous,” John Bartholomew, director of the Exercise and Sport Psychology Laboratory at the University of Texas, told the Wall Street Journal. “If you think about Seattle or Oregon, the ability to get out into nature is something that attracts people.”

At the bottom of the list, Washington, D.C., came in 51st, with an average of 43.2 workout minutes per week, even though the American Fitness Index ranked it the fittest metropolitan area in the nation. Although that could be due to the fact that even though a runner, cyclist, or walker may live in one state, the location data assigns their exercise minutes to whatever state they’re in at the time of the workout. D.C. residents (and tourists out on runs) spent 62 percent of their workout minutes running, the highest proportion in the country.


Meb Wins U.S. Masters Half Marathon Championship

"It’s hard to hold back when you want to pile the miles and you’re healthy."     Photo: Jonathan Fox/Flickr

Meb Wins U.S. Masters Half Marathon Championship

Sets two records

Meb Keflezighi won the U.S. masters half marathon national championship in 1:02:29 at the San Diego Rock ’n’ Roll Half Marathon, reports He was second overall, losing to pacer Jordan Chipangama, who edged the win by two seconds. 

It was the masters debut for the 2014 Boston Marathon champion. He turned 40 and gained eligibility for the race just last month. 

Along the way, Keflezighi set American masters records with his splits at 15K and 10 miles. His time in the half was fast enough to break the masters record for that distance, but the San Diego course has too much elevation drop to be eligible for the record.



Anna Stöhr of Austria won the women's event in the Toronto World Cup.     Photo: Sebastian Marko/Red Bull Content

18-Year-Old Wins Silver in Bouldering World Cup

Rookie surprises in Toronto

Nathaniel Coleman, an 18-year-old climber from Utah, took a surprise second-place finish in the men’s field at the Bouldering World Cup on Sunday in Toronto, according to Rock and Ice. Coleman, who finished just behind France’s Alban Levier, had previously competed in only one World Cup, but completed three of the four final problems during the finals. The two were the only men to complete three of the final four problems in the competition.

Climbing stud Anna Stöhr, a 21-time World Cup gold medalist from Austria, took first place in the women’s field by topping out three of the four final problems and reaching the bonus hold on the fourth on her first attempt. 

“I’m really thrilled,” said Stöhr, “especially because I topped out a slab, which I never thought I would.”

Stöhr was the only female in the field of six to finish the final slab problem, putting her ahead of second-place finisher Akiyo Noguchi and bronze medalist Juliane Wurm. In fourth place was Texas-born Alex Puccio, the top American finisher, who, like Coleman, has been praised for her precocity. As Outside wrote in 2011, Puccio won the first professional competition she entered—when she was only 16—and has since won a long string of American Bouldering Series titles.


HERO4 Black

The HERO+ LCD features a touch display and an in-camera video-trimming feature.     Photo: GoPro

GoPro Releases New Entry-Level Camera

HERO+ LCD includes touch display, integrated Wi-Fi

Expanding its roster of cameras for nonprofessionals, GoPro announced on Monday the availability of its new HERO+ LCD camera. 

The HERO+ LCD ($300) features a touch display for shot framing, an all-new in-camera video-trimming feature, and Wi-Fi connectivity, GoPro said in a press release Monday.

Like the entry-level HERO, the new camera is built directly into its waterproof housing. The company says the camera’s battery life will allow it to deliver approximately two hours of recording time.

“HERO+ LCD illustrates that even as we push the limits of life capture with bleeding-edge devices like the HERO4 Black, we’re also focused on delivering accessible, high-quality capture solutions to anyone wanting to GoPro,” said Nick Woodman, founder and CEO of GoPro, in the press release.


Bad Weather Grounds Solar Impulse

The Solar Impulse plane has been waiting more than a month for the right weather conditions to take off from Nanjing.     Photo: Solar Impulse

Bad Weather Grounds Solar Impulse

Plane will wait in Japan for fairer skies

Due to bad weather, the Solar Impulse plane will make an unscheduled stop in Japan on Monday, postponing its record-breaking trans-Pacific flight, the BBC reports.

The solar-powered plane was about 36 hours into its trip from China to Hawaii when it encountered bad weather. Pilot Andre Borschberg plans to land at the Komaki Airport in Nagoya at approximately 11 p.m. local time. 

“We are not daredevils. We are explorers,” project co-founder Bertrand Piccard told the BBC. “We have to put safety at the top of all our priorities. We land in Nagoya, and we wait for better conditions to continue.”

The plane, attempting a record around-the-world solar flight, took off from Abu Dhabi in March. It has been waiting for more than a month for favorable winds and cloud-free skies to take off from Nanjing.